Sylvain Kalache Co-founder of while42 San Francisco


Hello while42 San Francisco Team and worldwide members,


Calling on Sylvain KALACHE and ALL 1 500 French Engineers from while42 SF in the Bay Area and worldwide… I’ve got a project for you guys that will simply blow your mind and make you so proud!

So come on, what are you waiting for to join our fantastic Team at the MDFDE? Let’s connect the dots together! Meanwhile, please enjoy some free publicity: I understand you are planning one heck of a party on Nov. 13th at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco? Have fun and best wishes to you all!

Warm regards,

Elisabeth Jenssen Founder & President

Le Mouvement des Français de l’Etranger (MDFDE)

French & Francophones Abroad

P.S. Thanks while42 SF Team & associates for all you do year around to make France shine abroad!

Please contact me ASAP at:

Sylvain Kalache

Connecting people

2 years of while42 party

29 oct. 2014


Time goes fast, and so does while42. As we will celebrate the 2 years of the French Alumni Network on November 13th, we, 1500 french engineers are part of the adventure in more than 30 cities in the world.

The growth of the network has not been initiated by the founders but by french engineers around the world that, as us, felt the need to meet and know their peers. The fact that the network is growing organically is what makes it so strong.

As many of you know, while42’s goal is not to be the biggest network but to be the most connected one. We are building it as a group of friend, so that trust can settle and opportunities arise naturally. We’ve seen many positive things come up from these interactions: people finding job, raising money, signing big contracts, moving to another country for professional opportunities and much more.

While42 events are restricted to members of the group, but for that special event, we are happy to welcome everybody.

The event will happen at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco. It will of course feature the World famous double pipe but also listen to tech rockstars:

  • Stephan Ramoin, CEO of Gandi
  • Nicolas Sadirac, Director of 42
  • Michel Meyer, co-founder of Multimania and successful entrepreneur.
  • and more!

Book your ticket here!

The food will be sponsored by Market Delices and Gandi will offer limited edition T-shirts custom made for this event!

Market Delices is a Traditional French “Épicerie fine”, inspired by “La Grande Epicerie” in Paris – one of the best specialty gourmet food market in the world – with an amazing selection of gourmet foods from California, France and beyond.

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