Fauci: US still ‘knee-deep’ in first wave of coronavirus


During a conversation with National Institutes of Health director Francis Collins, Dr. Anthony Fauci said we are still “knee-deep” in the first wave of the coronavirus outbreak in the US and the current state is “really not good.”

*****RED ALERT: Latest News on the #CoronavirusCOVID19 epidemic:


As of 07/10/2020: At least 12,785,483 Covid-19 cases and 566,210 deaths in 214 countries and territories worldwide. Source: Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD.

UNITED STATES: The USA has recorded at least 3,278,946 cases and at least 135,029 deaths to date.


CANADA: 109,292 cases and 8,828 deaths to date.


FRANCE: 170,752 cases (+658 in the last 24H) and 30,004 deaths (+25 in the last 24H) to date including 19,528 death in hospitals and 10,476 people in nursing homes (EHPAD) to date. 7,062 people are still hospitalized (-115 in the last 24H) including 496 patients in ICU (-16) in the last 24H). 78,377 people (+207 in the last 24H) have left the hospital to date. 77 clusters are being investigated (+11 in the last 24H). The departments of Guyane, Mayotte, Mayenne and Gironde are currently highly vulnerable to Covid19.

ITALY: 243,061 cases and 34,954 deaths to date.

SPAIN: 253,908 cases and 28,403 deaths to date.

GREAT BRITAIN: 289,603 cases and 44,819 deaths to date.

GERMANY: 199,896 cases and 9,071 deaths to date.

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