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French fashion legend Agnès B’s favorite New York finds

May 5, 2016

As a studious and artistic child in post-WWII Versailles, Agnès Troublé longed to be a museum curator when she grew up. She took the roundabout way, first becoming one of France’s most successful fashion designers and launching her famed brand agnès b. (the initial is a nod to Bourgeois, her first husband’s last name), which now boasts 332 stores around the world. In 1984, her creative ambitions came full circle when she opened Galerie du Jour, a Parisian art and photography exhibition space and bookshop. The 74-year-old art patron now helms three such galleries — along with a film-production company and her own contemporary-art publication. In New York for Frieze, she shares with Alexa a few of her favorite treats and togs.

Photo: Kazou Ohishi

Today, May 1st, 2016


agnès b.@agnesbofficiel 

AUTO BODY 8-Ball Radio Presents agnès b. + Ryan McGinness Live today at 4pm! (NYC)




Signals by Ryan McGinness

from May 1 to June 1, 2016


50 Howard Street, New York, USA


agnès b. is pleased to present an in-store installation by New York-based artist Ryan McGinness in celebration of the debut of his designs for the agnès b. Artist’s T-shirt collection. The installation, titled Signals: Units of Meaning: Drawings of Elements & Compounds, will be shown at the agnès b. Galerie Boutique at 50 Howard Street in SoHo, New York. Products in the installation will include a T-shirt, mugs, a vinyl tote bag, patches, a skateboard, site-specific wallpaper and a large-format painting. On the occasion of the installation, agnès b. will also publish a limited-edition 480-page soft cover book of the same name.

Known for his use of graphics and iconography, McGinness took the idea of his T-shirt design from Signs, his installation of fifty fabricated street signs that were installed in the streets of downtown New York in the summer of 2014. Produced by the New York City Department of Transportation, the street signs were installed along the route of the Summer Streets program, where seven miles of streets are designated car-free and open to the public to play, run, walk and bike.

The T-shirt McGinness created is a unique design with double sleeves, a short sleeve sewn over a long sleeve, meant to represent the way McGinness wore his t-shirts as a teen in his native Virginia Beach. Inspired by early 90’s skate culture, the shirt was turned inside out to reveal the garment’s stitching, uneven effects and imperfections, and was printed using graphic icons in red, black, and white. The T-shirt will retail for $145 and the remainder of the collection will range from $35-$145.

McGinness’s artworks have been previously shown at the Galerie du Jour agnès b. in Paris, in the group shows What About New York in 2003, Ugly Winners in 2006, and On Verra Bien in 2016. McGinness’s solo show, Multiverse, was exhibited at Galerie du Jour in 2004.



Links: http://usa.agnesb.com/en/bside/section/agnes-b-s-world/50-howard-street-ny-2/signals-by-ryan-mcginness



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