Lady Liberty in all her glory January 25, 2017 Peter Alessandria/Caters News


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lemdfde@lemdfde 01/26/17

RT WOW: Glorious beacon of hope! Tks Peter Alessandra @StatueEllisNPS @nypost 4 making us feel better! @lemdfde #MDFDEJeSuisLadyLiberty131

  Statue of Liberty NM@StatueEllisNPS  01/26/17

Lady Liberty in all her glory via @nypost courtesy of Peter Alessandria



2019: New Statue of Liberty Museum


So excited about this next opening!

Let’s ALL be part of it!

First step: Discovering the New Statue of Liberty

Museum’s website! E.J.

A New Way to Experience History



More Celebration This Year: Ellis Island celebrates 125 years


The  immigration processing center of Ellis Island opened 125 years ago on Jan. 1.

The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation says that nearly half of all Americans can trace their ancestry back to one of the 12 million immigrants who entered through Ellis Island.

The FamilySearch wiki that provides links to online resources pertaining to US immigration records is found at Some require a fee but many are free.

Be sure to visit Stephen P. Morse’s One Step Webpages which “contains tools for finding immigration records, census records, vital records, and for dealing with calendars, maps, foreign alphabets, and numerous other applications.” Be sure to click on Morse’s link to “About this website and how to use it.” The 38 pages of helpful information should be bookmarked for continuing research. (Access this page directly at
Case studies illustrate how to use Morse’s procedures for successful research.

FamilySearch site map

Genealogical researchers have learned to rely on the many databases that are available free at FamilySearch. After going to that website at one can easily click on “search” and then enter data on a specific individual to be searched.

The website offers links to many other resources, and a convenient way to find them is to visit the FamilySearch Site Map at



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