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November 7, 2020:

lemdfde @lemdfde

Dear Mr. President-Elect Biden @JoeBiden, VP @SenKamalaHarris, loyal #Resisters in the US & around the World, WARMEST CONGRATULATIONS on winning the biggest fight of our lives! AMERICA is BACK, Everyone! And so is DEMOCRACY! Thank YOU! @lemdfde #TeamJustice #JusticeMatters #TCC

*****RED ALERT: Latest on the #CoronavirusCOVID19 epidemic:


As of Friday night, November 6, 2020:

UNITED STATES: Third straight day the country has surpassed 100,000 daily coronavirus cases with at least 125,596 new coronavirus cases — the highest single day reporting since the pandemic began — and at least 1,137 deaths. More than 54,000 Americans are hospitalized with Covid-19, with about 11,000 of them in intensive care.

Officials around the nation are warning that hospitals could soon run out of capacity. And more hospitalizations and people in intensive care could also lead to a rise in deaths.

The USA has recorded at least 9,732,932 cases and at least 236,064 deaths to date. Source: Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD.

November 6, 2020:

Joe Biden @JoeBiden ·

We are going to be the first Democrats to win Arizona in 24 years.

We are going to be the first Democrats to win Georgia in 28 years.

And we re-built the Blue Wall in the middle of the country that crumbled just four years ago.

What is becoming clearer each hour is that record numbers of Americans — from all races, faiths, regions — chose change over more of the same.

They have given us a mandate for action on COVID and the economy and climate change and systemic racism.

November 5, 2020:

Joe Biden @JoeBiden

I spent the afternoon attending briefings on the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and the state of the economy. Tune in as I provide an update on these briefings and efforts to count every vote.

Joe Biden @JoeBiden

I ask people to stay calm. The process is working. The count is being completed. 10:45 PM · 5 nov. 2020 TweetDeck

November 4, 2020: THE HAPPY ROAD TO 270 and beyond… Joe Biden is getting closer and closer to claim his Presidential Victory… Stay tuned… E.J.




Senate Results

48 DEMOCRATS         50 for Control of Senate    REPUBLICANS  50

House Results

222 DEMOCRATS   218 for Control of House   REPUBLICANS 207


The honor of a lifetime

Rep. Eric Swalwell

Wed 11/4/2020 6:48 PM

Elisabeth — We won.

Thank you to my East Bay neighbors for re-electing me to serve California’s 15th District in Congress. My promise to you is this: I’ll keep fighting for your freedom to dream.

If you’re like me, you’re probably still anxious right now. Because while we were able to clinch re-election last night, there are still a lot of unknowns out there.

Ballots are still being counted in states like Georgia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. There are still competitive Senate races yet to be called, and the House is still up for grabs at this point.

Here’s what I do know — We are going to make sure that every vote is counted.

But the implications don’t end there — in the doomsday scenario that the Presidential election is a TIE in the electoral college, the vote shifts to the House where each state’s delegation of representatives will cast one vote.

Because despite what Trump said last night, counting all votes isn’t fraud. But trying to prevent all votes from being counted is.

Elisabeth, our fight continues as we fight back against any attempts to stop counting the vote.

One team’s path to victory relies on disinformation and disenfranchisement. Our team’s path depends on your votes getting counted and your voices being heard.

I know which team I’d rather be a part of, and I thank you for being an integral member of that team too.

— Eric Swalwell


November 3rd, 2020: THE Day, THE Presidential Election in Modern American History #WeThePeople and the World will NEVER forget… And for GOOD Reason…


“Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Thomas Jefferson, the U. S. Declaration of Independence (1776)


My Fellow American Resisters,

Today is THE Day #WeThePeople get our power back by voting en masse to elect Joe BIDEN President, and California Senator Kamala HARRIS Vice-president of the United States of America.

Today is THE Day #WeThePeople liberate the United States from tyranny to oversee the good governance of our deeply bruised nation according to the U. S. Constitution.

Today is THE Day #WeThePeople begin to get rid of rampant fascism and racism in the White House and nationwide in the name of Humanity and the rule of Law.

Today is THE Day #WeThePeople take charge of our own destiny, of saving millions of American lives by putting REAL medical doctors, REAL scientists – not lobbyists – in charge of health care to better fight and defeat the deadly #COVID19. To be better prepared against the catastrophic effects of climate change and future pandemics thanks to the wisdom and preparedness of the incoming Biden-Harris Administration.

Today is THE Day #WeThePeople take the pledge to do whatever it takes, working night and day 7/7 to reunite the 545 stolen children we know of (and any other misplaced, abused children under the vicious, lawless Trump-Pence Administration) with their immigrant parents as early as possible.

Today is THE Day #WeThePeople start rebuilding our States to make the United States a much better living and working place for ALL Americans.

Today is THE Day #WeThePeople… Work in progress… Please stay tuned Everyone, the List of Things we MUST fix being, as you know, so very long…

Let’s Go, America! #WeThePeople will NOT, will NEVER be defeated!

Yours faithfully,

Elisabeth Jenssen Founder & President

Le Mouvement des Français de l’Etranger (MDFDE) French & Francophones Abroad

Chair, #MDFDEFriendshipTrainMerciTrain75

Proud member of Glenn Kirschner’s #TeamJustice @glennkirschner2 & patron of his Podcast #JusticeMatters









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