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It’s a foggy, dreary day just like it was 134 years ago! #OTD October 28th, 1886: the people of the U.S. officially accepted the #StatueofLiberty from the people of #France! #HBD #FindYourPark

FACEism: How the Statue of Liberty guides our future by reminding us of the past


OTD:  October 28, 1886 – October 28, 2020


My Fellow American Resisters,

As today marks the 134th Birthday of our iconic Lady Liberty, and all of us  are counting the days — the hours — until we finally liberate our young, suffering nation from the corrupt grip of this tyrannical, lawless, fascist regime aka the Trump Administration. A ruthless team of longtime grifters responsible for colossal damages including the deaths of over 226,982 Americans and 8,800,316 cases of Covid-19, making the U.S. still number one as the country with the highest number of deaths and cases worldwide to date… #CrimesAgainstHumanity

And 545 innocent children, some just babies, infants, deliberately stolen from their desperate parents, immigrants, to inflict them more pain including emotional and sexual abuse… #KidsInCages


On Nov. 3, 2020 or sooner, if you are an early voter…


Please VOTE for Joe BIDEN and Kamala HARRIS — our next President and Vice-president of the United States — and all Democratic candidates in your State #BlueTeamAmerica!

Please VOTE for a #BidenHarris2020Landslide so we can save our Democracy and rebuilt a much better inclusive nation for our children and grandchildren, our friends and neighbors! Thank YOU! And please stay safe #MaskUp!

Faithfully yours,

Elisabeth Jenssen Founder & President

Le Mouvement des Français de l’Etranger (MDFDE) French & Francophones Abroad

Chair, #MDFDEFriendshipTrainMerciTrain75

Proud member of Glenn Kirschner’s #TeamJustice @glennkirschner2 & patron of his Podcast #JusticeMatters









© The Official French-American Project entirely conceived by Ms. Elisabeth JENSSEN to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Friendship Train and the Merci Train (2016- 2022). All rights reserved.

Chair: Elisabeth Jenssen

Honorary President: The Comte Gilbert de Pusy La Fayette



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