December 2016: Here she comes! Landing at last in the City of Light last month… “Lady in Liberty” from Atelier d’Ichere USA- France, our first globetrotter star, an international Collaborative ArtWork #MDFDEJeSuisLadyLiberty130 standing proudly in front of the Louvre Museum in Paris, France.

For immediate press release:


From New York to Seattle: “Lady in Liberty” goes to Paris, France!


From: Atelier d’Ichère USA-France


❄️ Happy New Year 2017 ❄️

Happy New Year 2017: We wish you Joy, French and Art to all!

Please, watch the Lady in Liberty movie at:


It was one of our main collaborative achievements for 2016. Thank you for participating and supporting this Francophone project and celebrating the anniversary of the Statue of Liberty with MDFDE and Atelier d’Ichere.

On October 28, 1886 this monument, created by Auguste Bartholdi and given to the United States by the people of France, was inaugurated in New York.

Non-profit organization 501(c)3 Atelier d’Ichere was participating in festivities and projects which commemorate this statue and the values that it presents to the world. The work called Lady in Liberty is composed of 25 individual pieces of canvas painted by 150 students from the four corners of the world, a truly collaborative effort!

The goal of this effort was show these young people the importance of freedom, of sharing together and also of respecting and honoring the differences.


Atelier d’Ichere is a non-profit organization 501(c)3 that promotes French language and Francophone culture through oral storytelling and educational activities.

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To contact Sylvie Joseph-Julien:

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Dear members MDFDE, dear internet friends,

Hope everyone is doing well and got my best wishes for the New Year.

Sending a very special bouquet of thanks and gratitude to Team MDFDE Seattle/Ile-de-France led by Sylvie Joseph-Julien, Richard Hanout and Wendy Normand, our top-notch MDFDE Executive Directors, and to the entire Team Atelier d’Ichere USA-France for making project “Lady in Liberty” such an international success, along with all the additional amazing cultural projects dedicated to the Statue of Liberty you conducted in and around Seattle, Washington, this past year! A very special thank you to all the children, schools and dedicated teachers, cultural associations and museums who took such a great part (and had so much fun) in this fantastic artistic initiative!  Truly inspiring!

Indeed, thank you again Sylvie, Richard, Wendy and everyone involved from both sides of the Atlantic and the Pacific for making this very special movie for us (best Christmas gift for me!) so we could share it with all our members and friends worldwide.

Thank you so much everyone for making America and France so great, so creative, wherever you are! Let’s go MDFDE so we can do even better things together this year and in the future!

Kind regards to all,

Elisabeth Jenssen

Links #MDFDEJeSuisLadyLiberty131 + #MDFDEJeSuisLadyLiberty130:

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