November 11, 1918: Marshal Foch and Admiral Wemyss, representing the Allies, and Minister of State Erzberger, representing Germany, sign the armistice at 5:15 AM inside Marshal Foch’s own train, number 2419D of the Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits — thus becoming the “Armistice Carriage” — in the Forest of Compiègne, France. It will take effect at 11 AM. Photograph taken after reaching agreement for the armistice that ended World War I.  Marshal Foch is second from the right. Left of Marshal Foch is the senior British representative, Sir Rosslyn Wemyss. On the right is the British Admiral George Hope.


Happy belated 243rd Birthday to the United States Marine Corps! (Nov. 10, 1775 – November 10, 2018)! With our eternal gratitude for your heroism and human sacrifices especially at the WWI Battles of Belleau Wood and Château-Thierry and during WWII! Rain. Or. Shine! E.J.

Oise-Aisne American Cemetery

Cimetière Américain 02400 Belleau France tel +33 (0)3 23 70 70 90

14-18 : Les secrets de l’armistice – épisode 9

Reportage : Bataille du Chemin des Dames (16 avril – 24 octobre 1917)

Armistice de 1918 Images inédites

Ajoutée le 18 sept. 2009 11. Novembre 1918 Après la signature de l’armistice. Passage du wagon dans lequel celui-ci a été signé. Les soldats regardent leurs montres et, à 11 heures, les hostilités cessent. Joie et fraternisation des soldats américains et allemands. Un obus est enterré pour symboliser l’événement.

‘Hobbit’ director modernizes WW1 video

Peter Jackson’s film “They Shall Not Grow Old” uses the latest technology to restore century-old footage, bringing World War I to life for modern audiences. Source: CNN

    The symbol of the “Train de la Reconnaissance Française,” aka “Merci Train” (1949) depicts the frontal view of a SNCF 141 R, one of the many steam locomotives “Made in USA” purchased by France after WWII, garlanded with wild flowers (Blue cornflower French: Bleuet; Daisy French: Marguerite; Poppy French: Coquelicot), symbolic of Flanders Field, where thousands of American Doughboys — killed in action during World War I — will forever lie on French soil, buried in massive cemeteries.




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1914 – 1918

Au coeur du village de Belleau, à 90 km de Paris, ce musée perpétue le souvenir et la Mémoire des Marines qui ont combattu au Bois Belleau en juin 1918. Renseignements : 03 23 82 03 63{4d24daa5a359aa22e51c71c531e935ff229d31c7c5eb0da4885e362fa152ead6}C3{4d24daa5a359aa22e51c71c531e935ff229d31c7c5eb0da4885e362fa152ead6}A9moriaux/cimeti{4d24daa5a359aa22e51c71c531e935ff229d31c7c5eb0da4885e362fa152ead6}C3{4d24daa5a359aa22e51c71c531e935ff229d31c7c5eb0da4885e362fa152ead6}A8re-am{4d24daa5a359aa22e51c71c531e935ff229d31c7c5eb0da4885e362fa152ead6}C3{4d24daa5a359aa22e51c71c531e935ff229d31c7c5eb0da4885e362fa152ead6}A9ricain-oise-aisne/

The Armistice Museum and Memorial

Musée de l’Armistice Route de Soissons 60200 Compiègne Tél. 03 44 85 14 18


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